Aspiring Manager

Aspiring Managers

Start preparing for your next role by tapping into proven management tools and techniques.

Aspiring Manager

As an Aspiring Manager you may:

  • be a team leader
  • be on a path as an emerging leader, or
  • plan to start your own business soon.

Useful services for Aspiring Managers

Complimentary Tips and Tools


Keep up to date with new ideas and tools

Receive current business management tips and tools by registering for our complimentary newsletter.

UpdateTM includes practical ideas you can apply easily and quickly.

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Public Management Training

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Gain new business management skills in manageable bites

Management BitesTM are mini, hands-on training sessions, held over breakfast.

Each session covers a specific area of business management: strategy, time management, business model, KPIs, employee management or systems.

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Or talk to your manager about running some in-house training


Learn proven management techniques and tools

Grow your management toolkit by learning new tools and techniques to achieve more.

LearnTM in-house workshops are practical and hands-on so you can develop your skill in using these tools in your own business.

We have LearnTM workshops for the full range of management areas, e.g. strategic planning, leadership, employee management, KPIs and systems. They can be sliced and diced to suit your needs.

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Consider having your profile done to better understand your potential


Understand and harness the potential of your people.

IgniteTM is individual and team profiling to understand the motivation and potential of your people.

Profiling gives you insight into your team to ensure you have the right people in the right place, and you manage them in the way that brings out their best.

Profiling can help with recruiting, team building, succession planning, improving performance and managing confidently.

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Emily McNie,
Tauranga NZ
“Content adaptable to any organisation and to many levels of organisation.”
“Good tools, simple straight forward, logical. Some useful tips.”

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