HR Manager

HR Managers

Develop the management capability your organisation needs to achieve its goals.

Department Manager

As HR Manager, you are responsible for:

  • management training and development
  • the planning of management succession.

Activate services especially for HR Managers

In-house Management Training


Learn proven management techniques and tools

Grow your management toolkit by learning new tools and techniques to achieve more.

LearnTM in-house workshops are practical and hands-on so you can develop your skill in using these tools in your own business.

We have LearnTM workshops for the full range of management areas, e.g. strategic planning, leadership, employee management, KPIs and systems. They can be sliced and diced to suit your needs.

More about LearnTM

Middle Management Development


Increase your impact on organisational performance

For middle managers ImpactTM is management training that understands middle managers work in an environment where many strategies, standards and systems have already been set.

ImpactTM workshops include your own organisational strategies and systems to ensure all training is aligned, informative and enables you to achieve greater impact on your organisational goals.

More about ImpactTM

Organisational Management Development


Ensure your leadership and management teams advance your strategy and achieve results

AdvanceTM is a management training programme for all levels of management to achieve aligned and effective implementation of your strategy.

AdvanceTM is unique in that we use your strategy and systems as part of the management training process.

More about AdvanceTM

Other useful services for HR Managers

Team and Role Clarification


Define the the team you need and their individual roles and performance requirements

DefineTM empowers your team to contribute more fully to the success of your business.

Activate will help you delegate to your team by defining individual roles, responsibilities and performance requirements.

DefineTM also reviews current performance and identifies succession and future capability requirements.

More about DefineTM

Individual and Team Profiles


Understand and harness the potential of your people.

IgniteTM is individual and team profiling to understand the motivation and potential of your people.

Profiling gives you insight into your team to ensure you have the right people in the right place, and you manage them in the way that brings out their best.

Profiling can help with recruiting, team building, succession planning, improving performance and managing confidently.

More about IgniteTM

Management Review


Identify the specific management skill and system improvements to increase performance

It can be hard to review your own performance and understand its influence on others.

LeverageTM is an objective, professional review of your management systems and practices to identify their impact on your wider team and business performance.

We will identify specific developments to increase performance.

More about LeverageTM

Strategic Planning Facilitation


Clarify a clear strategic plan to achieve your goals

Ensure you consider all the relevant issues and opportunities when developing your strategic plan.

ClarityTM also utilises our dynamic planning approach to enable your plan to remain current, relevant and an essential guiding tool for you and your team.

More about ClarityTM

Strategic Management


Ensure your strategy delivers results with effective strategic management

DeliverTMis an agile, effective strategic management method for strategic planning, alignment and implementation.

Achieve great results by ensuring all your team are paddling in the same direction, all the time.

More about DeliverTM

KPI Dashboard Setup
Track the measures that matter for your business

We will help you identify the KPIs for your organisation and set up simple dashboards to track progress.

TrackTM also includes setting baseline and target KPIs to guide and celebrate success.

More about TrackTM

“Great course thank you. As previously mentioned I've been on many courses where I've struggled to see the relevance or apply the tools - this wasn't one of them. Apart from the sales part, I found it all very relevant, with useful tools and the course was very well delivered and enjoyable.”

Operations Manager, Auckland
"I now have practical tools which I engage often to become habits. "

Alex VanDerLeij, Manager, TNT
“Great presenter…very good for progressing 'hard to do' actions. It's all working better than expected already.”

Carl Morton, Manager
Norske Skog
“It is good to see some training that is based within the business so it is relative and the projects can have some value and it is not just an exercise destined for the book shelf. The topics were very appropriate and this has filled a space in the puzzle that has been missing for some time”

National Operations Manager, Auckland
"Great course. Great time. Can't wait to implement."

Craig Tweedie, Operations Manager Accessable
“Found very helpful applied ideas straight away. Being able to work through the ideas in respect to our business during the course meant I understood and retained a lot more.”
Kirsteen Day, Middle Manager Obex Medical

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