Owner Manager

Owner Managers

Ensure the profitability, quality and longevity of your business.

Dave Woodfield Owner Manager

As an Owner Manager, you:

  • own the business
  • employ a team of people who can do various roles within the business
  • manage that team and coordinate their work distribution
  • have some sales and/or operational responsibilities
  • are often the bottleneck to things being done.

Activate services especially for Owner Managers

Public Programme


Get the essential tools and skills every business owner needs to run and grow a successful business.

EquipTM is a convenient, hands-on training programme designed for busy owner managers.

Join a peer group of like-minded owner managers for 2.5 hrs once a week for14 weeks where you will be equipped with the tools, training and accountability key to managing and growing a business.

More about EquipTM

In-house Programme
Ensure your business can thrive with or without you

ThriveTM will help you make the necessary changes to increase the profitability, quality and longevity of your business.

We work with you and your team to: clarify your strategy, implement effective systems and build your leadership team.

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Compare Owner Manager Programmes
Equip Detailed Logo RGB 238p
EMA Khyber Pass Newmarket
You and a peer group of up to 11 other owner managers
14 week period programme
A 2.5 hour session per week
Scheduled at times to fit into a busy owner manager’s diary
Investment Required:
$3,400 + GST (4 x monthly payments of $850 + GST )
Eligible for Funding:
At your workplace
You and your team
6 month programme
Month 1: Weekly 2 hour sessions
Month 2-6: Fortnightly 2 hour sessions
1 Day block sessions as required
Investment Required:
Typically $12,950 – $16,940 + GST
Eligible for Funding:

Other useful services for Owner Managers

Our Owner Manager programmes  above (EquipTM and ThriveTM) address a range of business management topics.  If your need is more specific, then one of the below services may be more suitable.

Business Model Clarification


Define and maximise what is core, unique and valuable about your business

Guide behaviour and decision-making with this one page summary of your business model.

If required Activate can also help you maximise your business model.

Clarifying and communicating your 'Business DNA' is a key responsibility of all owner and senior managers.

More about Business DNATM

Strategic Planning


Clarify a clear strategic plan to achieve your goals

Ensure you consider all the relevant issues and opportunities when developing your strategic plan.

ClarityTM also utilises our dynamic planning approach to enable your plan to remain current, relevant and an essential guiding tool for you and your team.

More about ClarityTM

Mini Training Workshops

Management Bites Logo

Gain new business management skills in manageable bites

Management BitesTM are mini, hands-on training sessions, held over breakfast.

Each session covers a specific area of business management: strategy, time management, business model, KPIs, employee management or systems.

More about Management BitesTM

KPI Dashboard Setup
Track the measures that matter for your business

We will help you identify the KPIs for your organisation and set up simple dashboards to track progress.

TrackTM also includes setting baseline and target KPIs to guide and celebrate success.

More about TrackTM

Team and Role Clarification


Define the the team you need and their individual roles and performance requirements

DefineTM empowers your team to contribute more fully to the success of your business.

Activate will help you delegate to your team by defining individual roles, responsibilities and performance requirements.

DefineTM also reviews current performance and identifies succession and future capability requirements.

More about DefineTM

Individual and Team Profiles


Understand and harness the potential of your people.

IgniteTM is individual and team profiling to understand the motivation and potential of your people.

Profiling gives you insight into your team to ensure you have the right people in the right place, and you manage them in the way that brings out their best.

Profiling can help with recruiting, team building, succession planning, improving performance and managing confidently.

More about IgniteTM

“Activate have helped us manage our substantial growth by providing us with practical tools and analysis. They've helped us understand the financial, staff and process side of our business better, putting in systems to manage it more effectively. Throughout it all, they've helped us focus on what's really important to our business, and keep up with our growth.”

Darren Black, Owner Manager,
Pool Magic
“My head was spinning,  my business had grown quickly and all I knew was I needed some guidance and structure.  I didn't expect it to be such a big job for me though.  I thought Lisa would wiggle her nose and it would be done, but that's not how it works.  It's been a lot of hard work, but now I can see the fruits of my labour paying off.  Lisa's taught me where my profits are made, and helped us implement systems that enable us to maximise it.  I've got a lot more money in the bank than at the same time last year.  I'm also more organised, I'm enjoying my business more and I even feel organised enough to keep growing it.  Activate have helped me get organised and build something that can operate without me.”

Liz Burton, Owner manager,
Garden Decor Ltd

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