Owner Operator

Owner Operators

Overcome the challenge of being the ‘main breadwinner’ by growing your business.

Dave Pennington, Owner Operator

As an Owner Operator you:

  • own the business
  • work in the business the majority of your time
  • find and do the work yourself
  • employ 1-3 employees or contractors.

Activate services especially for Owner Operators

If you have a team of 3 or more…


Get the essential tools and skills every business owner needs to run and grow a successful business.

EquipTM is a convenient, hands-on training programme designed for busy owner managers.

Join a peer group of like-minded owner managers for 2.5 hrs once a week for14 weeks where you will be equipped with the tools, training and accountability key to managing and growing a business.

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Other useful services for Owner Operators

Strategic Planning


Clarify a clear strategic plan to achieve your goals

Ensure you consider all the relevant issues and opportunities when developing your strategic plan.

ClarityTM also utilises our dynamic planning approach to enable your plan to remain current, relevant and an essential guiding tool for you and your team.

More about ClarityTM

KPI Dashboard Setup
Track the measures that matter for your business

We will help you identify the KPIs for your organisation and set up simple dashboards to track progress.

TrackTM also includes setting baseline and target KPIs to guide and celebrate success.

More about TrackTM

Public Training Workshops

Management Bites Logo

Gain new business management skills in manageable bites

Management BitesTM are mini, hands-on training sessions, held over breakfast.

Each session covers a specific area of business management: strategy, time management, business model, KPIs, employee management or systems.

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"I've gone from a sole operator to a team of three and now we're looking for member number four.  Our systems enable us to maintain our high quality of service which is our number one commitment to our customers."

Mike Plain, Owner Manager, Auckland Heat Pumps Ltd
"I have found the difference with Activate Management is that they can quickly see where my business is at an then apply practical solutions that assist me.  We just got straight to work on the areas that need the most input."

Dave Pennington, Owner Manager, Voice Data Security
“We had some basic systems that weren't really working.  We had designed our own systems that had some flaws and there was no flow. Lisa understood the challenges we had and was and was able to implement a simple system that worked for us.  It wasn't rigid and she customised it to suit our needs.  I know I'm charging correctly now and I know how I spend my time.  I'm also considering which jobs are better (more profitable).”

John German, Owner Operator, Quality Lock Installations

Tips and Tools for Owner Operators

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