Take the Test – how clear is your strategy?

It is essential to have a clear strategy that everyone in your business understands and can contribute to.

Take this simple test to see how clear your business strategies are:

A) Ask your staff these 4 questions:

  1. What are the 4-6 things that make us different from our competitors?
  2. As a business what key things do we really excel at?
  3. What are our main current business priorities?
  4. In your job what do you think are the most important things you need to achieve?
Would your strategies get an A+ for Clarity?

Would your strategies get an A+ for Clarity?

B) Review their answers.

How consistent are they?  Can you see any themes running through the answers?  Do the themes resonate with your core business strategies?

C) Decide what this exercise tells you

Either congratulate yourself or identify what you need to do to communicate your strategies and their relevance more clearly to your team so they can contribute more to achieving them.

Digging deeper …

This is just a quick summary test, if you would like to conduct a more comprehensive review, see our below services.

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“We found it of huge benefit to getting started on the strategic path – it certainly made us see it in a different light and not something to be afraid of, nor something that you need a degree for just to understand what your company's strategy is actually saying!”
Justine Brady, Manager, IMG

Clarify your strategic plan


Clarify a clear strategic plan to achieve your goals

Ensure you consider all the relevant issues and opportunities when developing your strategic plan.

ClarityTM also utilises our dynamic planning approach to enable your plan to remain current, relevant and an essential guiding tool for you and your team.

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Unite and focus your team


Define and maximise what is core, unique and valuable about your business

Guide behaviour and decision-making with this one page summary of your business model.

If required Activate can also help you maximise your business model.

Clarifying and communicating your 'Business DNA' is a key responsibility of all owner and senior managers.

More about Business DNATM

Get an objective perspective


Identify the specific management skill and system improvements to increase performance

It can be hard to review your own performance and understand its influence on others.

LeverageTM is an objective, professional review of your management systems and practices to identify their impact on your wider team and business performance.

We will identify specific developments to increase performance.

More about LeverageTM

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