Typically our clients:

  • are committed to quality, service and integrity
  • compete at the leading end of their market, and
  • are in the service, contracting or manufacturing industries.

Our services are designed for businesses in the adolescent and mature stages of business development.

Our methodologies suit growing businesses who want to be efficient, effective and agile.

See our services for how we can assist your business.


We have had the privilege of working with managers from:

  • 22 Degrees
  • Apotex NZ Ltd
  • Assistant Ltd
  • Auckland Heat Pumps Ltd
  • Auckland Libraries
  • BanTrans Engineering Ltd
  • Bax Global New Zealand Ltd
  • Carter Holt Harvey Tissue
  • Claud Switzer Memorial Trust
  • Compass Engineering Agrispray
  • Concerto Network Solutions Ltd
  • Croxley Stationery Ltd
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • Damar Industries Ltd
  • Dan Cosgrove Ltd
  • Data Pacific Ltd
  • Dilworth Hearing Ltd
  • Dominion Salt Ltd
  • Dominion Constructors
  • East Auckland Performing Arts
  • Eastern Equities Corporation
  • Eastern Institute of Technology
  • Ebos Group Ltd
  • Ellison Ford Recruitment
  • Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern)
  • Environmental Health Management Services
  • Ergo Consulting Ltd
  • Fidelity
  • Fiskars Brands Ltd
  • Friendlypak
  • Garden Décor
  • Garrick Distributors
  • Hauora Whanui
  • Helen’s School of Swimming
  • Henkel Sellotape
  • IMG Ltd
  • Independent Care Coordinators
  • Inghams Enterprises (NZ) Ltd
  • Institute of Management New Zealand
  • ITC Services Ltd
  • J J Wafer Biscuits Ltd
  • Johanna Pansier Insurance
  • Komatsu
  • Logistics & Matrix Recruitment
  • Lynch Phibbs
  • McLarens Young International
  • Mills Surgical Group
  • Moore Gallagher Ltd
  • Mortgages by Design
  • Muriwhenua Collective
  • New Zealand Wholesale Seafoods Ltd
  • Nikki Hart Nutrition
  • Norske Skog Tasman Ltd
  • Nose to Tail
  • NZ Ceiling and Drywall Supplies Ltd
  • NZ Freshcuts
  • Office Products Depot
  • Pearson Engineering Ltd
  • Pete’s Packaging
  • Pool Magic Ltd.
  • Proficios
  • Ravenswood Painting
  • Red Badge Group
  • Route & Retail Distribution Ltd
  • SAFE Engineering
  • Sanitarium Health Food Company
  • Savio Solutions Ltd
  • Service King
  • Signwise Auckland Ltd
  • StarJam
  • Structurflex Ltd
  • Surfprep
  • Symetri
  • Sysmex NZ
  • Tasman Pulp and Paper Company Ltd
  • Te Hauora O Te Hiku O Te Ika
  • Tin Soldier
  • Tranquillity Pools
  • Waipa District Council
  • Winstone Aggregates
  • Wiri Oil Services Ltd
  • YMCA Camp Adair & Shakespear Lodge
  • Zenago Ltd
  • Zuellig Pharma Ltd
“Activate have helped us manage our substantial growth by providing us with practical tools and analysis. They've helped us understand the financial, staff and process side of our business better, putting in systems to manage it more effectively. Throughout it all, they've helped us focus on what's really important to our business, and keep up with our growth.”

Darren Black, Owner Manager,
Pool Magic
“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation this morning. Light relief after a couple of pretty dry speakers, and proof that while things are serious we can still inject some life and energy into our businesses!”

Joanna Thomson, Director,
Flower Systems Ltd
“The session helped me focus on how to leverage existing relationships tapping into our client base – tapping into what we already have. Thanks it was awesome.”

Kenneth Leong, Owner Manager,
“It has exceeded my expectations. It was everything I expected and more. In not only gave me some good tools but it helped me get a better understanding of my organisation."
Tania Gardiner, Norske Skog Norske Skog Tasman Ltd
"Was not sure what to expect, very informative and will help with my everyday issues that arise and looking at the bigger picture. Have found that the tools will be extremely useful in my current role and any future roles."

Craig Inger, Training Services Manager Connex
“We had some basic systems that weren't really working.  We had designed our own systems that had some flaws and there was no flow. Lisa understood the challenges we had and was and was able to implement a simple system that worked for us.  It wasn't rigid and she customised it to suit our needs.  I know I'm charging correctly now and I know how I spend my time.  I'm also considering which jobs are better (more profitable).”

John German, Owner Operator, Quality Lock Installations
“"I enjoyed a small class. It became more personalised and allowed for full capture of the knowledge and facilitated an atmosphere where it was open to discuss difficulties etc."”

Megan Stewart Independent Care Coordinators
“It is good to see some training that is based within the business so it is relative and the projects can have some value and it is not just an exercise destined for the book shelf. The topics were very appropriate and this has filled a space in the puzzle that has been missing for some time”

National Operations Manager, Auckland
Lisa's presentation was excellent and took away the mystery of the word 'Strategy'

Anne Doughty, Director Urban Gourmet
“The timing of this session was great for me.  A great practical way of looking at my business model which will enable me to present ideas to clients more effectively.”

Kevin Graham, Owner Manager,
“Found very helpful applied ideas straight away. Being able to work through the ideas in respect to our business during the course meant I understood and retained a lot more.”
Kirsteen Day, Middle Manager Obex Medical
“Great presenter…very good for progressing 'hard to do' actions. It's all working better than expected already.”

Carl Morton, Manager
Norske Skog
“The session allowed me to refine my thinking around my business plan and fired me up to get on and look at my business model.”

Anna Radford, Owner Operator,
Radford Communications
"The biggest thing that I’m learning is that there is another level of how to think about my business. It is much more than producing products or services and competing on price. Any business is chaotic, there are so many factors to take into account. And when you’re starting on your own, you don’t know these factors. There is a feeling that you could be blind sided at any moment. Equip™ gives you a framework of understanding the chaos and what you can do about it. Now I am still learning, I suspect I always will be, but just knowing that I have these options and opportunities has increased my confidence hugely."

Kim Voon, Owner Manager, Insight Online
“Good to step away from being bogged down in the day to day."

Bruce Bonner, Director
“I just want to say thank you for the work you did with us, which has proved to be particularly valuable in helping to get our heads around a whole lot of different priorities, particularly to be clearer about the outcomes that we are working towards which now provide us with a good test - i.e. will x achieve this outcome? ... Involving the wider team has been an important step in helping to grow engagement.  So thank you indeed for the way you worked with us to achieve a great outcome.”
General Manager, Council Entity
“My head was spinning,  my business had grown quickly and all I knew was I needed some guidance and structure.  I didn't expect it to be such a big job for me though.  I thought Lisa would wiggle her nose and it would be done, but that's not how it works.  It's been a lot of hard work, but now I can see the fruits of my labour paying off.  Lisa's taught me where my profits are made, and helped us implement systems that enable us to maximise it.  I've got a lot more money in the bank than at the same time last year.  I'm also more organised, I'm enjoying my business more and I even feel organised enough to keep growing it.  Activate have helped me get organised and build something that can operate without me.”

Liz Burton, Owner manager,
Garden Decor Ltd
“Actual tools to use rather than conceptual motivating to continue with a systems approach.”
“Different but better – expected a fairly traditional course based on financial criteria/needs – have come away with a broader perspective and a range of attributes/skills required which should help me manage more effectively.”
Paul Crighton, Manager Carter Holt Harvey Engineered Wood Products FMG
"Great course. Great time. Can't wait to implement."

Craig Tweedie, Operations Manager Accessable
"I have gained a very clear understanding of what is required of me as the manager of my business. This programme has allowed me to stand outside my business and see it as an entity separate from me, while giving me the practical skills to identify, prioritise and improve small parts at a time, that make a real difference. The ideas and support from the other participants have been fantastic and my workbook is an invaluable resource that I will continue to get great benefit from."

Raywin Kelly, Owner Manager, Flowers On The Hilltop
“The course has definitely opened my eyes to the many aspects of business unit management.  Continuing to align staff and contractors with the priorities has been a major plus since the course, they are starting to talk like Tim and I!”

Site Supervisor, Auckland

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