Get the essential tools and skills required to grow a successful business

Apply them immediately to improve business performance

Equip™ is a training and implementation programme for business owners.

Convenient and practical, it is designed to equip busy people with the tools, skills and support to profitably manage and grow your business.

“I would recommend this course to any owner manager looking to improve their management skills.”

Daniel Sadler

Owner Manager, Office Depot Products Newmarket

I Who is x for

Who is EquipTM for?

Equip™ is designed for business owners with 5-70 staff or contractors.

General Managers have also attended Equip™ for its comprehensive business management coverage.

NZ Herald

Read about EquipTM Owner Manager Toolkit in the NZ Herald

Daniel Sandler – programme results

Kim Voon – programme results 

I What achieve

What does EquipTM achieve?

With Equip™ you will:

  • Increase the profitability of your business
  • Define your goals and strategic plan
  • Improve your cash-flow
  • Retain and grow your customers
  • Ensure you have the right team
  • Confidently lead your team
  • Improve the efficiency and quality of your operations
  • Delegate effectively
  • Advance your business management skills
  • Develop your business capability for continued growth

I What time

What time is involved?

One 2.5 workshop per week, for 14 weeks.

Workshops are held at convenient times for busy owner managers.

You may also like to set aside 0.5-1.5 hrs each week to further apply the workshop content to your business.

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I What include

What does EquipTM include?

Equip™ includes all you need to succeed:

  • A proven path of business improvement
  • Practical, ‘how-to’ training
  • Essential tools, templates and examples
  • Time and help to apply the tools and techniques to your own business
  • Guidance by an experienced practitioner
  • A small peer group of other motivated business owners
  • Encouragement and accountability
  • Delicious refreshments

I Where

Where is Equip held?

We run Equip™ Owner Manager Toolkit online and onsite, depending on your needs.

I Yes I am interested

Yes I am interested.  What is my next step?

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What our Clients say about Equip™

Kim Voon

Kim Voon

Owner Manager, Insight Online

“The biggest thing that I’m learning is that there is another level of how to think about my business.

Any business is chaotic, there are so many factors to take into account.  Equip™ gives you a framework of understanding the chaos and what you can do about it.”

Raywin Kelly

Raywin Kelly

Owner Manager, Flowers on the Hilltop

“I have gained a very clear understanding of what is required of me as the manager of my business.

This programme has allowed me to stand outside my business and see it as an entity separate from me, while giving me the practical skills to identify, prioritise and improve small parts at a time, that make a real difference. “

FAQs about Equip™

What specifically will be covered in EquipTM?

Workshop 1 – You and your business

  • Your unique role as an Owner Manager
  • Setting your personal goals
  • Understanding the business development cycle
  • Managing time effectively

Workshop 2 – Understanding the numbers

  • Managing cash flow
  • Maximising your cash flow cycle
  • Understanding the profit drivers in your business
  • Identifying ways to increase your profitability

Workshop 3 – Keeping and growing your customers

  • Maximising sales from your existing contacts
  • Improving customer service and management
  • Ensuring ongoing communication with your customers and markets

Workshop 4 – Improving employee performance

  • Improving employee performance
  • Retaining and developing your people
  • Understanding motivation and engagement

Workshop 5 – Maximising your business model

  • Understanding your business model
  • Maximising the potential of your business
  • Developing your leadership skills

Workshop 6 – Preparing your strategic plan

  • How to prepare a strategic plan
  • How to involve your team in planning
  • Keeping your plan relevant

Workshop 7 – Implementing your strategic plan

  • Implementing your plan effectively
  • Ensuring your plan achieves measurable results
  • Effective communication skills


Workshop 8 – Using KPIs effectively

  • Identifying and setting up KPIs
  • Using KPIs to improve performance
  • Increasing your personal effectiveness

Workshop 9 – Building your team

  • Identifying the team you need
  • Increasing the ownership and accountability of your team
  • Delegating effectively

Workshop 10 – Improving processes

  • Simple ways to document how work is done
  • Reducing waste and errors
  • Improving efficiency
  • Increasing quality

Workshop 11 – Growing sales

  • Sales growth opportunities and strategies
  • Streamlining your sales process
  • Increasing your negotiation and presentation skills

Workshop 12 – Assessing opportunities

  • Recruiting successfully
  • Assessing investment opportunities
  • Effective decision-making

Workshop 13 – Growth opportunities

  • Future trends in business
  • Growth strategies
  • Strategic Plan review

Workshop 14 – Next steps

  • Succession options for Owner Managers
  • Clarifying your longer term goals
  • Defining your next steps of business development
What if I cannot make a workshop during the programme?

It is OK if you cannot make all workshops, you have many options:

  • attend by skype
  • do a catch-up session with the facilitator
  • attend the same workshop in a different series (different day and time).
How much will I be able to work on my own business?


Over half of each workshop is dedicated to working on your own business:

  • sharing what you have implemented and its impact
  • bringing your questions to the facilitator and group
  • applying the tools and techniques to your own business
  • getting answers to your questions from the facilitator
  • soliciting ideas and feedback from the other owner managers.

Each workshop also includes suggestions of what else to work on between workshops for you to decide what you will action.

What size is the group?

In order to ensure we can focus on you and your business during the workshops, group size is limited to a maximum of 12.

If you would prefer one-on-one training and coaching, then refer to:

Thrive™ for Owner Managers

Advance™ for large organisations.

Can I run EquipTM in-house?

Yes Equip™ can be run in-house with your team

Equip™ is ideally suited to organisations like franchises. It will provide comprehensive business management training for your franchisees.

We can tailor Equip to include to suit your needs.

Is EquipTM run outside Auckland?

Not yet.  Please let us know where you would like us to run Equp™ next.

So far, we have had strong interest in Whangarei, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch.

Equip has been in the news!

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