Management BitesTM

Management BitesTM

Get it done in quick, easy bites

Our two hour Management Bite™ sessions are an easy way to to improve performance by growing your business management skills and implementing new tools and systems.

Held over breakfast and conveniently located at Jones the Grocer in Newmarket, Management Bites™ are also a great way to meet like-minded managers.

We cover a range of topics such as:

  • business planning
  • managing staff
  • business growth
  • KPIs
  • sales growth
  • leadership skills

Priced at $65 + GST per person, Management Bites™ include breakfast and a workbook, and are a fun and productive way to start your business day.

MgtManagement Bites

The Measures That Matter

Are you tracking the measures that matter for your business?

If not, get it sorted easily and quickly at this Management BitesTM.

In this hands on session you will set up simple KPI dashboards for your business that you can start using immediately.

By the end of this session you will:

  • Know which performance measures you should be tracking
  • Be able to identify the KPIs unique to your business
  • Have identified and mapped the KPIs you will use
  • Have an Excel Dashboard template to start tracking your KPIs immediately
  • Be able to use your KPIs confidently with your team.

Take this opportunity to invest in setting up your KPIs dashboard when you are fresh, free from distractions and will be equipped with the tools and guidance to make it happen!

Mining For Gold

Not all businesses are created equal, put yours ahead of the pack! Find out 7 key elements of gold mine businesses and, better still, see how you can mine your own business model for gold by incorporating these elements to increase profitability.

Systemising Success

Discover how to implement systems your team will not want to be without! We all know good systems can increase efficiency, quality and profitability. Find out how to design and implement systems that work, AND be used.

Understanding Employee Performance

Would you like to harness the potential of your staff? Learn what motivates your people and how to tap into this. We will cover practical ways to increase employee ownership of work and improve performance.

“The session helped me focus on how to leverage existing relationships tapping into our client base – tapping into what we already have. Thanks it was awesome.”

Kenneth Leong, Owner Manager,
“The timing of this session was great for me.  A great practical way of looking at my business model which will enable me to present ideas to clients more effectively.”

Kevin Graham, Owner Manager,
“The session allowed me to refine my thinking around my business plan and fired me up to get on and look at my business model.”

Anna Radford, Owner Operator,
Radford Communications
“Good to step away from being bogged down in the day to day."

Bruce Bonner, Director
“The session was very useful and the networking part of it very valuable – it was great to hear what other business owners are doing.”

Vartan Danyali, Owner Manager,
Forging Ahead

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