Track the measures that matter for your business

“In God we trust, all others bring data.”

W. Edwards Deming

I Who is x for

Who is TrackTM for?

Owner and Senior Managers who:

  • value being able to quickly understand performance and spot opportunities for improvement
  • want to use KPIs to enable their team to improve performance.

I What achieve

What does Track™ achieve?

With Track™ you will:

  • Have simple dashboards of the KPIs for your business
  • Set baseline and targets for your KPIs
  • Know how to use your dashboards with your team to improve performance.

I What time

What time is involved?

Very little of your time is required.

We will need 0.5-1 hour of your time to ask our questions about your business.

We will also need copies of the current reports available and if possible read only access to your reporting systems.  Then we can understand what data is currently collected and what functionality you have available to easily collect any additional data.

We will then recommend the KPIs to use and where to source the information from.  Once approved by you, we then set up simple dashboards with this information and work with you to set baseline and targets for each measure.

Would you like KPI Dashboards for your business?

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