Management Training

Management Training

Develop the skills of your team

We deliver public and in-house management training that teaches proven techniques and tools.

Our experienced practitioners make learning easy by providing practical tools, templates, examples and many opportunities to apply and discuss.

All our training:
  • is work-placed based
  • focuses on application
  • uses proven tools and techniques
  • includes New Zealand examples
  • can be further customised to meet your specific needs.

Topic-specific management training

This training can be run as a single training session, or as a series to provide more comprehensive training.

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In house training


Learn proven management techniques and tools

Grow your management toolkit by learning new tools and techniques to achieve more.

LearnTM in-house workshops are practical and hands-on so you can develop your skill in using these tools in your own business.

We have LearnTM workshops for the full range of management areas, e.g. strategic planning, leadership, employee management, KPIs and systems. They can be sliced and diced to suit your needs.

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Public training

Management Bites Logo

Gain new business management skills in manageable bites

Management BitesTM are mini, hands-on training sessions, held over breakfast.

Each session covers a specific area of business management: strategy, time management, business model, KPIs, employee management or systems.

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Management training programmes

These programmes cover the broad range of management areas in an integrated way.

From strategic planning, to employee management, KPIs, and systems you will develop your effectiveness as a manager in a cohesive way that relates to your unique role.

For Owner Operators and Managers


Get the essential tools and skills every business owner needs to run and grow a successful business.

EquipTM is a convenient, hands-on training programme designed for busy owner managers.

Join a peer group of like-minded owner managers for 2.5 hrs once a week for14 weeks where you will be equipped with the tools, training and accountability key to managing and growing a business.

More about EquipTM

For Middle Managers


Increase your impact on organisational performance

For middle managers ImpactTM is management training that understands middle managers work in an environment where many strategies, standards and systems have already been set.

ImpactTM workshops include your own organisational strategies and systems to ensure all training is aligned, informative and enables you to achieve greater impact on your organisational goals.

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For Senior and Middle Managers


Ensure your leadership and management teams advance your strategy and achieve results

AdvanceTM is a management training programme for all levels of management to achieve aligned and effective implementation of your strategy.

AdvanceTM is unique in that we use your strategy and systems as part of the management training process.

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“Found very helpful applied ideas straight away. Being able to work through the ideas in respect to our business during the course meant I understood and retained a lot more.”
Kirsteen Day, Middle Manager Obex Medical
"Great course. Great time. Can't wait to implement."

Craig Tweedie, Operations Manager Accessable
"Was not sure what to expect, very informative and will help with my everyday issues that arise and looking at the bigger picture. Have found that the tools will be extremely useful in my current role and any future roles."

Craig Inger, Training Services Manager Connex
"I found the course gave me lots of useful information/tools that can be applied in the workplace. It was well structured with lots of variety/different topics covered. Lisa was an excellent presenter, kept it fun and varied. Also gained a lot from other participants on the course."

Fiona Knowles, HR Manager Genesis Energy
“Great course thank you. As previously mentioned I've been on many courses where I've struggled to see the relevance or apply the tools - this wasn't one of them. Apart from the sales part, I found it all very relevant, with useful tools and the course was very well delivered and enjoyable.”

Operations Manager, Auckland
“Lisa is an awesome presenter and facilitator. I look forward to further development of my plans and ‘Mobilize’ and feel that Lisa has contributed to my knowledge and any success through this course.”

Megan Stewart, Director Mobilize and ICC
"I have found this course to be one of my favourites. I enjoyed it immensely. I have learnt so much! Lisa’s facilitation of the course was excellent, she made the learning environment very laid back and enjoyable. Everything flowed and the topic was of interest to me and relevant to my workplace.”
Tania Gardiner, Norske Skog Norske Skog Tasman Ltd

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