KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

KPIs provide essential feedback on how you are tracking against the things that matter.

“What gets measured, gets done.”

KPI Tips and Tools

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KPI Services

KPIs are essential to understanding your progress.  Most of our services included KPIs in some format.

Here are our services that relate solely to KPIs:

KPI Dashboard Setup
Track the measures that matter for your business

We will help you identify the KPIs for your organisation and set up simple dashboards to track progress.

TrackTM also includes setting baseline and target KPIs to guide and celebrate success.

More about TrackTM

In-house KPI Training


Essential KPIs

Learn how to identify and use, the measures that matter to your business.

In this LearnTM workshop you will learn how to:

> identify the KPIs for your business

> set up useful dashboards

> avoid the common mistakes

> overcome employee resistance

> use your dashboards with your team to improve performance.

More about 'Learn Essential KPIs'

Mini Public KPI Workshop

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The Measures That Matter
Wed 20 May 2015
7 am-9 am

Are you tracking the measures that matter for your business?

If not, get it sorted easily and quickly in this working session.

By the end of the session you will:

> have identified the KPIs for your business

> have a dashboard template so you can start tracking them immediately

> be confident using your dashboard with your team

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Would you like to run 'The Measures that Matter' in-house with your team?

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