Self Management

Self Management

You are a person of infinite potential.   Achieve your dreams by making the most of your precious resources: your time, energy and attention.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.”

Henry Ford

Self Management Tips and Tools

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Self Management Services:

As a leader and manager you are a role model for your team.  All our services are help you be more effective.

Here are our services that focus on self management:

In-house Personal Effectiveness Training


Increasing Personal Effectiveness

Learn how to increase your ability to achieve more.

In this LearnTM workshop you will learn how to:

> deal with interruptions and minimise procrastination

> increase your productivity

> analyse and reduce conflict

> improve problem solving and decision-making

> run effective meetings.

> communicate clearly and decisively.

More about 'Learn Increasing Personal Effectiveness'

Pubic Personal Influence Workshop

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Increasing Your Influence
Wed 25 November 2015
7 am-9 am

Learn simple techniques to improve your communication and increase your influence

Perfect timing for the start of the social season

Would you like to run 'Increasing Your Influence' in-house with your team?

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