Ensure your business can thrive with or without you

Implement the strategies, systems and teamwork to ensure sustainable success.

As a business grows, it is common for the headaches and workload to grow faster than the profits.

Activate Thrive™ helps Owner Managers ensure their business growth is profitable and manageable.

“Activate have helped us manage our substantial growth by providing us with practical tools and analysis. They’ve helped us understand the financial, staff and process side of our business better, putting in systems to manage it more effectively. Throughout it all, they’ve helped us focus on what’s really important to our business, and keep up with our growth.”


Darren Black

Owner Manager, Pool Magic

I What achieve

What does ThriveTM achieve?

Activate Thrive™ is business consulting and coaching to:

  • Increase the profitability and value of your business
  • Develop a clear strategic plan
  • Increase the engagement, ownership and performance of your team
  • Improve the efficiency of your systems and processes
  • Advance your leadership and management skills
  • Develop the capability of your business for continued, profitable growth.

I Who is x for

Is ThriveTM for you?

Equip™ is for business owners with 5-70 staff or contractors.

If you identify with any of the below, then Thrive™ is for you:

  • Sales have grown but profitability is stagnating or declining
  • Maintaining quality and efficiency is a challenge
  • You are feeling increasingly stressed and your enjoyment in your business is disappearing
  • You are the bottleneck in your business – too many things depend on you
  • You are too busy working in your business to plan, implement improvements or take a break
  • You have learned your business and management skills ‘on the job’ as you have grown your business
  • You want to maximise the value of your business in preparation of selling or exiting.

I What include

What does ThriveTM include?

Thrive™ includes all you need to succeed:

  • regular hands-on consulting, training
    and coaching sessions
  • online planning, business tracking
    and dashboards
  • personal work style profile
  • pre-session information
  • post session phone and email
  • online training reference materials
  • online templates, examples and

I What time

What time is involved?

Month 1:
Weekly 2 hour working sessions
Weekly phone catch-ups

Month 2-6:
Fortnightly 2 hour working sessions
Weekly phone catch-ups

1 Day block sessions:
If required for:

  • strategic planning
  • organisational structure and job clarification
  • KPI setup

I Price

What is the price?

$12,950 – $16,940+GST

Eligible for NZTE funding

Monthly payments are made over the 6 month programme preriod.

I Funding

Funding available

Thrive™ is eligible for NZTE funding.

Up to $5000 can be applied for under this scheme if your business is a NZ businesses with 50 or less employees.

Learn more about NZTE funding

I Where

Thrive™ is held at your workplace.  Why?

Owner Managers are typically time-poor, with many things depending on them.  Thrive™’ is based at your place to be:

  • Efficient – you save time because we come to you and we work in manageable chunks.
  • Relevant – Thrive™ focuses solely on your business, only using time for the things that matter to your business.
  • Tailored – by working with you on site, we learn about you and your business and tailor the programme to suit your specific needs.
  • Inclusive – in being at your workplace, Thrive™ enables you to involve your team in the programme at no additional cost.
  • Effective – Being workplace-based means we concentrate on what matters most – implementation and results.  Even the best ideas are useless if they are not actioned!

I Yes I am interested

Yes I am interested.  What is my next step?

Contact us today by phone or email.

What our Clients say about Thrive™

Dave Woodfield

Dave Woodfield

Owner Manager, Signwise, Auckland

“Activate offers personal service, a low key approach and cost effectiveness.
We have just received end of year figures and have had an excellent year following our work with Lisa – Thank you.”

Craig Rundle andPaul Grondin

Craig Rundle andPaul Grondin

Owner Managers, Tin Soldier, Auckland

“Our business had grown to the point where to achieve further growth we needed to implement changes to our structure and business processes.  Activate understand our company’s goals and actively work with us on achieving them.  They have a great understanding of small to medium businesses.  Since engaging Activate we have grown 40%, our team is better aligned and we are continuing to achieve our business objectives.”

Would you like to explore if Thrive™ is right for you?

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