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Activate Management Group

Activate equip leaders and managers of growing businesses to achieve more by utilising proven management systems, strategies and techniques.

Our story

Activate Management Group Ltd* was founded in 2004 by Lisa Mandic.

Working with managers who were technical experts, but relatively new to management, Lisa saw a need for a form of management development that went beyond traditional training or consulting.

Activate was founded on the principle of applied learning.

We understand that you want different results in your business or organisation, which means different behaviours will be required.

True learning results in a relatively permanent change of behaviour.  

Most people learn by doing, and in a specific context.

Activate services use a combination of consulting, training and coaching methods to help managers learn on the job. We enjoy working alongside our clients, in their workplace.  It enables us to understand your needs, and equip you with the most appropriate tools and skills to achieve your goals.

A fast changing business environment requires a new agile approach

The current business environment is changing rapidly and dramatically. Management strategies and tools that used to work in steadier times, are now losing their effectiveness.

Activate have a fresh approach.  Our management tools and systems suit to today’s dynamic environment and diverse workforce.

Managers work hard to create successful businesses, juggling many hats, and overcoming many obstacles.  Proven strategies and tools can help.  Our methodologies make managing quicker and easier, and ultimately more successful and satisfying.

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When businesses are well managed, everyone benefits

Taking a broader perspective, businesses are integral to our society; they consume shared resources, provide essential products and services, ensure our livelihood and affect the quality of our day.

With so much of our time spent working in, or dealing with, businesses, we believe that when our businesses are well managed, everyone benefits.

* Activate Management Group Limited was originally founded as River Empowerment Ltd

 Our Purpose

Developing exceptional managers who grow vibrant, successful businesses.

Our Business Vision

Healthy, effective organisations that contribute positively to our communities

Our Personal Vision

Activate is valued as a resource, facilitator and model of business management excellence.

Our Values

Integrity, Value, Growth, Collaboration, Efficiency, Ecology

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Meet the Team

Lisa Mandic

Lisa Mandic

Director | Senior Consultant

Lisa Mandic is the founder of Activate Management Group Ltd. Lisa has extensive experience in the corporate environment where she held roles in senior, contract and financial management throughout Australia and New Zealand for over a decade. In 1997, Lisa began training and consulting to SME’s where she built on her passion for helping managers new to management.

In 2004 she founded her own consultancy with the mission to develop exceptional managers to facilitate her vision of vibrant, effective organisations.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Business Studies and has completed further studies in governance, process improvement, systems thinking, behavioural science, organisational learning, facilitation, adult teaching and coaching.  She is a member of the EMA, IOD and IMNZ.

Currently Lisa provides management consulting, tools, training and coaching services to medium and large sized organisations. She has been a trainer for the Employers and Manufacturers Association and Massey University since 1997. Lisa is also a regular presenter and writer.
Lisa enjoys seeing people succeed in their organisation. Growing up in a family with a small business, and now having one herself, she understands, first hand, the challenges of creating a successful business.

Fiona Spicer

Fiona Spicer

Resource Manager

Fiona’s experience working in management consulting firms and in educational institutes, both in New Zealand and abroad, have fueled her passion for empowering people performance, through effective systems and organisation.

As Resource Manager Fiona will ensure the detailed planning and implementation goals of your programme are on track. She will set up and regularly update your online planning and make sure that any tools and templates you need are available.  Fiona will also offer support to help you make the most of Activate’s online resources for your programme.

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