Medium Sized Business

Medium Business

Medium Business Challenges:

  • Getting the work done, properly
  • Dealing with the chaos of growth
  • Improving profitability
  • Reducing errors and waste
  • Coordinating your team
  • Developing your team
  • Unclogging the bottleneck (you!)
  • Increasing ownership and accountability
  • Addressing undesirable work

Medium Business Solutions:

  • Clarify your business model
  • Establish an ‘identity’ for your business (that isn’t you)
  • Communicate your business identity consistently
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Develop your team
  • Implement systems
  • Build your business’s capability to adapt and grow

Activate services especially for Medium Businesses

Owner Manager Training
Business Development
Compare Owner Manager Programmes
Equip Business Growth Programme for Owner Managers
At a centrally located venue
The programme runs over a 14 week period
Delivered weekly in 2.5 hour blocks
Scheduled at times to fit into a busy owner manager’s diary
Investment Required:
$3,400 + GST
Funding available:
At your workplace
Over a 6 month period
Month 1: Weekly 2 hour sessions
Month 2-6: Fortnightly 2 hour sessions
1 Day block sessions as required
Investment Required:
Typically $12,950 – $16,940 + GST
Funding available:

Other useful services for Medium Businesses

Business Model Clarification
Strategic Planning
KPI Dashboard Setup
Team and Role Clarification
Individual and Team Profiles
Public Mini Training Workshops

Tips and Tools for Medium Businesses

What is strategy?

There is a lot of hoo-ha around 'strategy'. But is strategy really that complex to understand? Simply put, 'strategy' is how, in general, you intend to achieve your goals.  As there are ...

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