As your business grows, ensure your skills grow with it

As your business grows, so does its complexity.  Different management strategies, skills and systems are needed to address this complexity to ensure your business remains agile, profitable and able to continue growing successfully.

Activate equip you and your team with the management strategies, skills and systems to: reduce the complexity (and chaos!) of growth, maximise the results from your growth, and build your capability to continue growing.

I am a ...

  • Owner Operator
  • Owner Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Middle Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Aspiring Manager

As an Owner Operator you:

  • own the business
  • work in the business the majority of your time
  • find and do the work yourself
  • employ 1-3 employees or contractors.

Owner Operators face the challenge of growing their business while being the ‘main breadwinner’.

Resources for Owner Operators

As an Owner Manager you:

  • own the business
  • employ a team of people who can do various roles within the business
  • manage that team and coordinate their work distribution
  • have some sales and/or operational responsibilities
  • are often the bottleneck to things being done.

Owner Managers face the challenge implementing systems and building a leadership team to ensure their business can thrive with or without them.

Resources for Owner Managers

As a Department Manager you:

  • are responsible for a team of non-managers
  • report directly to the GM
  • are becoming more involved in the strategic direction of your organisation.

Department managers face the challenge of transitioning from technical expert to effective manager.

Resources for Department Managers

As a Middle Manager you:

  • have a team of (non manager) people you are responsible for.
  • report to a senior manager who is part of the senior management team, but is not the General Manager or CEO.

Middle managers face the ‘meat in the sandwich’ challenge, juggling senior management strategic plans and day to day operations.

Resources for Middle Managers

As a Senior Manager you:

  • report to, or are, the General Manager or CEO
  • are part of the senior leadership team
  • have a team of managers reporting to you.

Senior Managers face the challenge of ‘managing through managers’ to achieve results.

Resources for Senior Managers

As a HR Manager you are responsible for:

  • management training and development
  • the planning of management succession.

HR Managers face the challenge of identifying ways to develop exceptional managers.

Resources for HR Managers

As an Aspiring Manager you may:

  • be a team leader
  • be on a path as an emerging leader, or
  • plan to start your own business soon.

Aspiring managers face the challenge of learning about management when they may not have access to relevant experiences.

Go to resources for Aspiring Managers

I am looking for ...

Business Coaching

Considering getting a business coach?

Activate coaching programmes are tailored to suit your specific stage of business development.

Our coaches are experienced practioners with extensive training and coaching expertise.

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Facilitation Services

Unlock the potential of your team.

Tap into the knowledge of your team by using an experienced facilitator to design and guide the planning or decision-making process.

Facilitation is a useful way to deal with complexity or conflict.  Facilitation delivers quality decisions with high ownership and commitment.

See Facilitation services


Up to $5000+GST is available per year to go towards 50% of the cost of developing the management capability in your business.

This funding is available through NZTE for businesses with 50 or less staff.  A number of Activate services are eligible for this funding.

Learn more about NZTE funding

Free Services

Find out what complimentary information and services you can tap into to help develop your skills and increase your success.

Activate are passionate about helping you succeed.

Find out about our free services

Management Consulting

Take your business to the next level of performance.

We will work with you and your team, to understand your goals and challenges and design a clear path to achieve measurable results.

Activate are specialists in strategic management and can equip your managers with the mindset, skills and tools to effectively define, communicate and implement the changes required to achieve your goals.

See Management Consulting services

Management Training

Further develop the skills of you and your team.

We deliver public and in-house training that teaches proven techniques and tools.

Our experienced practioners make learning easy by providing practical tools, templates, examples and many opportunities to apply and discuss.

See Training topics available

Needs Analysis

Not sure what you need?

No problem, we will listen to you and your team and know the questions to ask.

Our objective, experienced needs analysis will help you quickly identify the areas to action to achieve your goals.

More about Needs Analysis


Looking for a presentation for your event?

Our presentations are informative and entertaining. We have a range to choose from or can tailor something to meet your specific needs.

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Tips and Tools

Looking for information or inspiration?

Activate have an extensive range of management tips and tools to make the hard things easier.

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Latest Tips and Tools

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