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Get the essential tools and skills required to grow a successful business Apply them immediately to improve business performance Equip™ is a training and implementation programme for business owners. Convenient and practical, it is designed to equip busy people with the tools, skills and support to profitably manage and grow your business. “I would recommend this course to any owner manager looking to improve their management skills." Daniel Sadler Owner Manager, Office Depot Products Newmarket Who is EquipTM for? Equip™ is designed for business owners with 5-70 staff or contractors. General Managers have also attended Equip™ for its comprehensive business management coverage. Read about EquipTM Owner Manager Toolkit in the NZ Herald Daniel Sandler - programme results Kim Voon - programme results  What does EquipTM achieve? With Equip™ you will: Increase the profitability of your business Define your goals and strategic plan ...

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LearnTM standard

Learn proven management techniques and tools to improve performance We deliver in-house training workshops covering all the key organisational management areas. Below are our standard workshops.  They can be sliced and diced to suit your specific needs. Learn: Learn effective governance practices to successfully direct your organisation After completing Learn Effective Governance Practices you will be able to: Explain your responsibilities as a Director Apply a framework of governance responsibilities to ensure the Board are effectively meeting these responsibilities Ensure the organisation has a clear purpose and plan to fulfil it Identify and implement governance standards and processes to achieve an effective governance culture and operation Develop a specific work plan for the Board Manage the General Manager/Chief Executive Ensure the Board receive the necessary reporting information Implement a board self-review ...

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ThriveTM standard

Ensure your business can thrive with or without you Implement the strategies, systems and teamwork to ensure sustainable success. “Activate have helped us manage our substantial growth by providing us with practical tools and analysis. They've helped us understand the financial, staff and process side of our business better, putting in systems to manage it more effectively. Throughout it all, they've helped us focus on what's really important to our business, and keep up with our growth.” Darren Black Owner Manager, Pool Magic What does ThriveTM achieve? Activate Thrive™ is business consulting and coaching to: Increase the profitability and value of your business Develop a clear strategic plan Increase the engagement, ownership and performance of your team Improve the efficiency of your systems and processes Advance your leadership and management skills Develop ...

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