Understand and ignite the potential of your people


I Who is x for

Who is IgniteTM for?

Any manager who wants to achieve more by understanding and igniting the preferences and potential of:

  • themself
  • their employee,
  • or their team.

‘Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better’

Bill Bradley

I What achieve

What does IgniteTM identify?

For an individual:

  • Reasoning, numerical and verbal abilities
  • Workstyle preferences
  • Job preferences
  • Stress responses and tolerance

For a team:

  • Team Strengths
  • Team Weaknesses
  • Potential areas of conflict or misunderstanding
  • Team values

What does IgniteTM involve?

Ignite profiles are completed online.

We then email you your report and arrange a consulting session to discuss the results and their impact.

For a Team profile we compile the results and can design either a team briefing and/or team building session, depending on what you wish to achieve.

I What time

What time is required?

Our Manager profile takes 60-90 minutes to complete online.  It also includes a 1 hour consulting session to discuss your results.

Our Employee profile takes 40-50 minutes to complete online.  It includes a 30 minute consulting session to discuss your results.

Our Team profile takes 60-90 minutes per person to complete the Manager profile.  We compile the Team profile for you and then present the results to you and your team.   The time required to present the results depends how you wish to use the results, team briefing vs. team building.

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I Yes I am interested

Yes I am interested.  What is my next step?

Contact us today by phone or email to arrange your profile.

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