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“A goal without a plan is just a wish." Develop a strategic plan that will: > Define how your business will achieve its goals > Maximise the $ potential of your business > Articulate the main points of difference from your competitors > Unite and focus the efforts of your team > Provide clear parameters for decision-making > Facilitate increased profitability, growth and longevity  What does Clarity™ achieve? With Clarity™ you will: Consider all the relevant issues and opportunities Synthesise the views of your leadership team Define a clear plan of action to achieve your goals Summarise your plan in a simple, clear way to share with your wider team Use our dynamic planning approach to enable your plan to remain current and relevant Who is ClarityTM for? Senior and ...

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DefineTM standard

Define the team you need and what you require from each member. "You don't build a business, you build people.  And then people build the  business." Zig Ziglar What does DefineTM achieve? With Define™ you will: Identify the team you need now and in the future Define the specific responsibilities and performance requirements of each role Empower your team to contribute more Clarify the employee development and recruitment required to meet future business needs What does DefineTM include? Define™ can include any or all of the following: Review of current structure Assessment of current team's performance and potential Map of future organisational structure and roles Succession plan Employee development plans Individual role descriptions with performance requirements Who is DefineTM for? Define™ is for business owners and senior managers who want to ensure they: Have the right team Delegate clearly to their team Empower their ...

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EquipTM standard

Get the essential tools and skills required to grow a successful business Apply them immediately to improve business performance Equip™ is a training and implementation programme for business owners. Convenient and practical, it is designed to equip busy people with the tools, skills and support to profitably manage and grow your business. “I would recommend this course to any owner manager looking to improve their management skills." Daniel Sadler Owner Manager, Office Depot Products Newmarket Who is EquipTM for? Equip™ is designed for business owners with 5-70 staff or contractors. General Managers have also attended Equip™ for its comprehensive business management coverage. Read about EquipTM Owner Manager Toolkit in the NZ Herald Daniel Sandler - programme results Kim Voon - programme results  What does EquipTM achieve? With Equip™ you will: Increase the profitability of your business Define your goals and strategic plan ...

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IgniteTM standard

Understand and ignite the potential of your people Who is IgniteTM for? Any manager who wants to achieve more by understanding and igniting the preferences and potential of: themself their employee, or their team. 'Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better' Bill Bradley What does IgniteTM identify? For an individual: Reasoning, numerical and verbal abilities Workstyle preferences Job preferences Stress responses and tolerance For a team: Team Strengths Team Weaknesses Potential areas of conflict or misunderstanding Team values What does IgniteTM involve? Ignite profiles are completed online. We then email you your report and arrange a consulting session to discuss the results and their impact. For a Team profile we compile the results and can design either a team briefing and/or team building session, depending on what you wish to achieve. What time is required? Our Manager profile takes 60-90 minutes to complete online. ...

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Management BitesTM standard

Get it done in quick, easy bites Our two hour Management Bite™ sessions are an easy way to to improve performance by growing your business management skills and implementing new tools and systems. Held over breakfast and conveniently located in Newmarket, Management Bites™ are also a great way to meet like-minded managers. We cover a range of topics such as: business planning managing staff business growth KPIs sales growth leadership skills Priced at $75 + GST per person, Management Bites™ include breakfast and a workbook, and are a fun and productive way to start your business day. The Measures That Matter Are you tracking the measures that matter for your business? If not, get it sorted easily and quickly at this Management BitesTM. In this hands on session you will set up ...

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Track the measures that matter for your business “In God we trust, all others bring data." W. Edwards Deming Who is TrackTM for? Owner and Senior Managers who: value being able to quickly understand performance and spot opportunities for improvement want to use KPIs to enable their team to improve performance. What does Track™ achieve? With Track™ you will: Have simple dashboards of the KPIs for your business Set baseline and targets for your KPIs Know how to use your dashboards with your team to improve performance. What time is involved? Very little of your time is required. We will need 0.5-1 hour of your time to ask our questions about your business. We will also need copies of the current reports available and if possible read only access to your reporting systems.  Then ...

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