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How to make better decisions standard

In these crazy-busy times, it is easy to develop a knee-jerk approach to decision-making. So what can you do to make it easier to 'hop in the helicopter' to gain a more informative perspective?  Hop in the helicopter 'Hopping in the helicopter' means getting above the noise and busyness to gain a clearer understanding of an issue. Being in the helicopter enables you to see things you couldn't when in the thick of things.  From the helicopter you can see patterns, opportunities and even the significance of the issue. So how can you make it easier to hop in the helicopter? Track your KPIs over time Assessing a single measure in time gives no indication of the direction it is taking. It is essential ...

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Avoid this common KPI mistake standard

We see it over and over again.  Managers using a single KPI to assess performance and decide how to improve it.  So why is this wrong and what should be done instead? KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are an essential tool to help managers make decisions to improve performance.  But unfortunately some managers are using KPIs incorrectly, so let's explore how KPIs work and how to use them. A KPI should never, ever be used on its own, as it tells us very little Avoid this number one mistake! When using KPIs, always use a balanced range of measures that you believe relate to the end result you want.  Then you will have information on the impact different activities have on your end result. Always us a range ...

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What is even more important than strategy? standard

There is only one thing more important than strategy, but unfortunately it is often overlooked, or even forgotten. So what is more important than strategy? The results your strategy is designed to deliver. We have seen organisations become so focused on implementing their strategy that they forget about the original results their strategy was designed to deliver. We call this being 'activity-based', rather than 'results-baseed'. 'Activity based' is where the focus is on planning and completing activities. 'Results-based' is where the focus is on achieving results and activities are assessed in the context of what impact they make on the results. Results are what matter. Results are what your strategies are designed to deliver. Avoid getting sidetracked by all the activity It is easy to get side-tracked by activity.  Activity is the ...

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