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3 easy ways to get your team to systemise more standard

Even though we know the benefits of systemising more of our business, who really wants to do it? Here are 3 easy ways to get your team systemising more of your business: 1. Start small Ask staff to draw up a checklist or flowchart that shows the key elements of the process. This is easier than writing a detailed procedure (ugh!), and the summary checklist or flowchart can be used as a discussion tool to flesh out more detail where needed. 2. Start positive Resist the urge to focus on a problem area.  Start with a process that  works well as your team will be more comfortable showcasing an area they feel good about. 3. Use their efforts Make sure you use what they have prepared positively, ...

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How to make better decisions standard

In these crazy-busy times, it is easy to develop a knee-jerk approach to decision-making. So what can you do to make it easier to 'hop in the helicopter' to gain a more informative perspective?  Hop in the helicopter 'Hopping in the helicopter' means getting above the noise and busyness to gain a clearer understanding of an issue. Being in the helicopter enables you to see things you couldn't when in the thick of things.  From the helicopter you can see patterns, opportunities and even the significance of the issue. So how can you make it easier to hop in the helicopter? Track your KPIs over time Assessing a single measure in time gives no indication of the direction it is taking. It is essential ...

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The power of a Chocolate Fish standard

How to make discussing performance easier John Petry, a participant on one of our training courses, gave us this great idea and has generously allowed us to pass it on ever since. Every Friday, John gives out the 'Chocolate Fish Award' A chocolate fish is given for the most outstanding act by an employee during the week. Outstandingly good, or outstandingly bad. The Chocolate Fish Award is usually fun and has some serious benefits, it: recognises achievement regularly and positively makes it OK to acknowledge mistakes, and encourages "what to do next time?" thinking provides staff with a neutral name and way to discuss performance - “oh you must be aiming for this week's chocolate fish" Or "what a doozey! That will be this week's winner for ...

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How clear is your strategy? standard

Take the Test - how clear is your strategy? It is essential to have a clear strategy that everyone in your business understands and can contribute to. Take this simple test to see how clear your business strategies are: A) Ask your staff these 4 questions: What are the 4-6 things that make us different from our competitors? As a business what key things do we really excel at? What are our main current business priorities? In your job what do you think are the most important things you need to achieve? Would your strategies get an A+ for Clarity? B) Review their answers. How consistent are they?  Can you see any themes running through the answers?  Do the themes resonate with your core business strategies? C) ...

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