How to make discussing performance easier

John Petry, a participant on one of our training courses, gave us this great idea and has generously allowed us to pass it on ever since.

Every Friday, John gives out the ‘Chocolate Fish Award’

A chocolate fish is given for the most outstanding act by an employee during the week.

Outstandingly good, or outstandingly bad.

The Chocolate Fish Award is usually fun and has some serious benefits, it:

  • recognises achievement regularly and positively
  • makes it OK to acknowledge mistakes, and encourages ”what to do next time?” thinking
  • provides staff with a neutral name and way to discuss performance – “oh you must be aiming for this week’s chocolate fish” Or “what a doozey! That will be this week’s winner for sure!”
  • encourages you, the manager, to be aware of what is going on with your team.
Chocolate Fish

A Chocolate fish is a simple way to acknowledge desired behaviours

Being a chocolate fish, although much-loved by most Kiwis, it is not valuable enough to cause resentment or counter-productive, competitive behaviour.

If you would like to start a Chocolate Fish tradition at your place…

Here are John’s rules:

  • Only one per week is presented
  • Keep the spirit of it fun and light
  • Focus on the action, not the person
  • Try and spread the award around, even if you have to get creative.

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