AdvanceTM standard

Ensure your leadership and management teams advance your strategy and achieve measurable results What is AdvanceTM? AdvanceTM is a consulting and training programme for all levels of your management team to achieve aligned and effective implementation of your strategy. AdvanceTM includes application of our strategic management method and training in the essential skills of strategic management. AdvanceTM utilises your strategy and systems as part of the management training process, resulting in greater strategic alignment and owners What does AdvanceTM achieve? Advance™ delivers: Practical tools to define and communicate your strategy A simple way to communicate your strategy to your whole organisation A more cohesive, aligned management team Improved leadership and management capability An organisation-wide, results-focussed approach Integration of strategic development and business as usual Increased organisational ability to identify, assess and achieve ...

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Business DNATM standard

Define and maximise what is core, unique and valuable about your business What is Business DNATM? Business DNATM is a one page tool Activate have developed to concisely summarise your business model, principals and aspirations. What is a business model? It is important to understand, review and communicate your business model to your team as it drives all activity in your business. What does Business DNATM achieve? With Business DNA™ you will have: A concise one-page summary of your business model (What is a business model?) A simple, effective way to unite and focus your team. A purpose and direction for your business that your team can understand, identify with and contribute to Clear parameters for decision-making A framework in which your team can explore and present useful ideas for business ...

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ClarityTM standard

“A goal without a plan is just a wish." Develop a strategic plan that will: > Define how your business will achieve its goals > Maximise the $ potential of your business > Articulate the main points of difference from your competitors > Unite and focus the efforts of your team > Provide clear parameters for decision-making > Facilitate increased profitability, growth and longevity  What does Clarity™ achieve? With Clarity™ you will: Consider all the relevant issues and opportunities Synthesise the views of your leadership team Define a clear plan of action to achieve your goals Summarise your plan in a simple, clear way to share with your wider team Use our dynamic planning approach to enable your plan to remain current and relevant Who is ClarityTM for? Senior and ...

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DefineTM standard

Define the team you need and what you require from each member. "You don't build a business, you build people.  And then people build the  business." Zig Ziglar What does DefineTM achieve? With Define™ you will: Identify the team you need now and in the future Define the specific responsibilities and performance requirements of each role Empower your team to contribute more Clarify the employee development and recruitment required to meet future business needs What does DefineTM include? Define™ can include any or all of the following: Review of current structure Assessment of current team's performance and potential Map of future organisational structure and roles Succession plan Employee development plans Individual role descriptions with performance requirements Who is DefineTM for? Define™ is for business owners and senior managers who want to ensure they: Have the right team Delegate clearly to their team Empower their ...

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DeliverTM standard

Ensure your strategy delivers results “90% of organisations fail to execute their strategies successfully." Source: Balanced Scorecard Collaborative DeliverTM is a simple, effective strategic management method designed to ensure agile planning, strategic alignment and successful implementation. Deliver on your strategy by having your team all paddling in the same direction and able to adapt quickly. What is DeliverTM? DeliverTM is a consulting programme for General and Senior Managers to learn and implement an effective strategic management method. "95% of a typical workforce does not understand its organisations' strategy" Source: Balanced Scorecard Collaborative What does DeliverTM achieve? Deliver™ will help you  achieve measurable results with: A dynamic strategic planning method A simple way to communicate your strategy to your whole organisation Integration of strategic development and business as usual An organisation-wide, results-focussed approach A cohesive, aligned ...

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ExploreTM standard

  Explore your options and decide your best step forward. Activate provide a complimentary consultation to help identify the best way forward for you and your business.“Activate have been a sounding board for my ideas, I wouldn't be without their services."  Mike Plain Owner Manager, Auckland Heat Pumps Ltd What does ExploreTM achieve? Explore™ will help you identify: What you want to achieve Strengths to protect and build on Areas requiring development Opportunities for growth Specific steps to take What time is involved? Allow 60-90 mins for your Explore™ session. Who is ExploreTM for? Explore™ is for any manager looking for objective, professional advice. What is the price? Explore ™ is complimentary (value $375+GST) Where is ExploreTM held? We can come to you, or meet over a coffee. Whichever you prefer. Yes I am interested. What is my next step? Contact us today ...

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